a space

Permalink My BA partner made this which is likely to be the flyer / promoting poster for our installation. clean and simple.
Permalink My BA partner, the insanely creative Karina, has made a little mock-up of how the installation will be placed within the given venue. 

TV shot’s

So now that the objects have been built it’s time to finish the projected material. The creature will have a large eye in its neck, on the front a big set of lips and the overall animal will have a slightly moving fur-coat. 

The TV will display small video clips that will be coordinated with the emotional reactions of the creature’s lips, thus implying what he feels about the TV channels. 

These channel’s could show_

Reality TV (like the danish “Paradise Hotel”)

The News (possibly also danish, since our audience is mostly danish)

Nature Documentary


Black and White movie

Soap Opera

I found a website that gives links to B’n’W movies that are free for use. d

Permalink and here the creature (for the sake of personalization, we named it bob) in a photoshop disguise.

Report structure

Abstract: 150-300 words. How, who, why, what and where.

Introduction: set the scene, why would you need to do the work, some related, some intro to related work, can have a list of what is to come in the report

Related Background and theory

Conceptual Design, social theory,  projectʼs theme, its social and physical contexts, Design Problem

the system: technical description of how it all works

Design rationale, design considerations, implementations and iterations, design decisions and why modified

Design Process: discussion of unfolding of events. 

Implementation at the event

The people at the event, how interacted, what did you find from implementing the work with people using it. The thing is live. What do you see.

Analysis of activity at the live event. Any anomalies, unexpected behaviours, mistakes, the joy of errors. what do people do there?

Discussion on what found…what can you say about the here and now of it.

Reflection, which includes contextualising your project art and design history/theory, social theory, artistic 

methodology, etc.), Critical of the work… 

Permalink At the moment, we’re developing and crafting the objects of white fabric that will function as “bulls-eye” projection for our projected processing sketches. However, the physical objects will contain simple electronics that indicate life or artificial intelligence. How to!